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Gurdjieff 1924


Feb 23 2024 Exploring the Mind (new chapter)
Feb 23 2024 Exploring the Body (new chapter)
Nov 24 2023 The chapters in the Search, Controversy, Methods, Successors and Legacy pages have been revised and updated
May 26 2023 Inner Work Exercises II (new chapter)
Dec 8
Inner Work Exercises I (new chapter)
May 20 2022 Inner Work Principles III (new chapter)
Mar 10 2022 Inner Work Principles II (new chapter)


George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, who brought an ancient esoteric teaching to the West, was one of the most important spiritual teachers of the 20th century. The impact of his ideas, teaching methods and powerful personality continue to challenge and fascinate seekers of wisdom more than half a century after his death. His teaching, known as ‘the Work’ - which has come to be called the ‘Fourth Way’ - has greatly influenced spiritual seekers throughout the world.

Assessments of Gurdjieff by students, followers, journalists, critics, scholars and fellow spiritual teachers are bewilderingly diverse, ranging from ‘charlatan’ and ‘black magician’ to ‘extraordinary spiritual master’ and even ‘A Messenger from Above.’

In light of such a conflicting portrait of Gurdjieff there is a real need to examine his life, teachings and influence on the contemporary world based on an objective, balanced approach free from preconceptions or ideological bias.

The intent of this website is to bring together multiple perspectives from a wide range of sources to examine and evaluate the Gurdjieff phenomena, with the hope of stimulating debate and discussion rather than providing any final definitive statement or conclusion.

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