Fifth Obligatory





When Gurdjieff died in 1949, the direct spiritual impact of his presence and being ended.

But he left an enduring legacy of priceless value to the contemporary world in the form of his music, movements and sacred dances, and written teachings.

These gifts, created through ‘conscious labours and intentional suffering,’ are food for human spiritual development of the highest order and a bequest for generations to come.





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Writings of Gurdjieff
Books Written by Students of Gurdjieff
Secondary and Ancillary Literature
Biographies of Gurdjieff

The Music of Gurdjieff and de Hartmann

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Objective Art and Music
Source and Creation of Gurdjieff's Music
Classification and Description of the Music
Influences of the Music on the Listener

Gurdjieff's Movements and Sacred Dances

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Significance of Sacred Dance
Development and Presentation of the Movements
Nature of the Movements
Effects of the Movements
The Movements Today