One of the great mysteries of Gurdjieff’s life is the nature of his extensive and unremitting search for an esoteric knowledge and teaching that would explain the significance and meaning of life.

There has been an abundance of conjecture, conflicting theories and misinformation about this crucial phase of his life.

We know little about which countries and regions he visited, the spiritual teachings and traditions he studied, and the source or sources of the vast system of ideas he brought to the West and transmitted to others for almost 40 years.




Gurdjieff's Search for Esoteric Knowledge

(updated 2023/08/23)

Validating the Events of Gurdjieff's Life
Gurdjieff's Early Life
The Seekers of the Truth
The Sarmoung Brotherhood
Teaching Mission in the West

Impressions of Gurdjieff

Recollections 1915-1932
Recollections 1933-1949

The Inner Circle of Humanity

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Esoteric Knowledge and Schools
The Innner Circle of Humanity
The Fourth Way

Sources of Gurdjieff's Teachings

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Buddhism and Hinduism
Western Occult Tradition