Jeanne de Salzmann


During his lifetime, Gurdjieff projected his teaching with the assistance of his most gifted students, with decidedly mixed results.

Many of Gurdjieff’s principal pupils faithfully transmitted his fundamental ideas and practices, but others modified and distorted many facets of his comprehensive teaching.

The same pattern continued after his death as some faithfully preserved and shared the essence of his teaching, while others modified and diluted ‘the Work’ through their own subjective interpretations and ambitions.

Today the world is awash with Gurdjieff-inspired or officially sanctioned groups, countless websites, books, journals, music and films, enneagram workshops and multidisciplinary conferences, some of it authentic and valuable, much of it simplistic and often exploitive.








Dissemination of the Work During Gurdjieff's Lifetime

P.D. Ouspensky in England and America
A.R. Orage in America
Jean Toomer in New York and Chicago
The Taliesin Fellowship of Wisconsin
John G. Bennett in England

Gurdjieff's Successors and Teaching Lines

(updated 2023/10/27)

Jeanne de Salzmann and the Gurdjieff Foundation
The Work in England
The Work in America
Gurdjieff's Enduring Legacy

Contemporary Status of the Work

(updated 2023/11/24)

Current Gurdjieff Groups and Organizations
The Enneagram Phenomenon
Challenges Facing the Work